Specialty Meyer Lemon Citrus Tree – 1 Gallon (7″-8″ Pot Size)

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The Meyer Lemon is thought to be part true lemon and part common orange. Used in recipes due to its sweeter, less acidic flavor the Meyer lemon has fragrant bloom that are white with hints of purple color to them.

How often does a Meyer lemon citrus tree bloom, flower and have fruit? The Meyer Lemon Citrus Tree is ever-bearing. Meaning that the tree blooms and sets fruit year round having fruit in different stages of development all the time.

  • RESTRICTIONS: Cannot ship to AZ, CA, HI, LA, TX, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands due to Federal regulation
  • CAN NOT SHIP live trees to Canada because of certifications.
  • Ships in black nursery container; wooden container not included


How many seeds are in a Meyer lemon citrus tree fruit? There are many Seeds (Est. 10 seeds per Meyer Lemon fruit

What is the size of a Meyer lemon fruit? The size of the Meyer Lemon citrus fruit is medium sized at roughly 2 1/2 – 3 inches

What are Meyer lemon citrus trees like?

  • Small compact growing habit
  • Fruit is low in acidity
  • Most cold tolerant of all lemon citrus trees
  • Great for container and garden pot growing due to its compact size and vigorous growing

How long for a Meyer lemon citrus tree fruit to ripen? Generally the Meyer lemon citrus tree fruit takes roughly 6-8 Months to ripen to its fullest sweetness. They can be used at earlier stages if a more “tart” taste is desired. Know that the Meyer lemon fruit gradually sweetens as it stays on the tree and matures on its own.

How big does a Meyer lemon citrus tree get? The Myer lemon citrus tree can reach heights of 10-15 feet tall when planted in the ground. However, in a patio container the tree will only grow as large as the roots will allow somewhat making the tree a somewhat dwarf size. Meyer lemon citrus trees are great for ornamental use as they are very resilient trees that can withstand cold weather and contain themselves well in patio pots.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 24 in


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