4.5 Cup - Trivium T6 (N6-P6-K6) Organically Derived NPK


4.5 Cup – Trivium T6 (N6-P6-K6) Organically Derived NPK


This T6 blend is built for peace of mind as applied due to its granule approach to organically derived elements. With 6% Nitrogen, 6% Phosphorous and 6% Potassium this balanced granule fertilizer is excellent for vegetables and edibles alike.

  • Restore and sustain NPK elements for plant growth
  • Enriched with some extra minor elements
  • Perfect for tree fruit and vegetable growing
  • Suitable for applications to sustain growth for the growing season
  • Organic mined elements optimized for plant food delivery

Net Content: 4.5 Cup
Net Weight: 2.10-LB. (0.95-kg.)
Maximum Coverage: 22.5 Sq. Ft.

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Developed with safety in mind this GrowScripts dry granule fertilizer is derived from organic elements. Another word, we have brought together elements from the earth, so there is no question about anything synthetic. Mixed in a triple six dose, we encourage you to give this stuff a try and see the results.

Additional information

Weight 48.5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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