Plant’s Doctor brings a look into plants’ micronutrient requirements. How these essential elements correlate to humans. Plus, information on what some requirements are for proper health.

At GrowScripts, we believe many things can be learned from looking outside an industry and bringing it back by asking the question, “what if?”.

That is what Plants’ Doctor does. Brings parallels from an outside resource back to the plant food nutrition industry. Such as insight into vitamins and how they contribute to human health and well-being. Then, we reverse them back to plant nutrition via requirements for plants. For instance, an abundance of information is out there on minor elements. But is there a parallel of those nutrient elements from humans to plants and vice versa?

The goals of the Plants’ Doctor chapters are to:

  • Share similarities between plant and human trace elements—those of essential macro and minor elements.
  • Bring learnings from one emphasis to the other (i.e., from plants to humans). Such as the importance of micronutrients in plants and the importance of micronutrients in humans.

Start today. Learn about macro- and micro-nutrients and the importance of them individually by plants and humans.