Citrus Flowering and Fruit Set

We grow our beloved citrus trees for fruit set. Either it is for the fruit or the sweet aroma of the tree flowers. When it comes to citrus flowering and setting fruit, a healthy citrus tree is going to produce more. Optimization of the citrus tree happens via citrus tree fertilizing and care. To aid citrus trees in the ultimate result of flowering and fruit set, here are a few tips:

Orange trees, lemon trees, lime trees and etc. flower and produce oranges, lemons and/or limes in response to environmental stresses. Generally, stress is considered harmful, but in this case, the stress of the tree is natural and good. In the aforementioned sentences the citrus tree is coming out of one stage and going into another. That is a good thing, it means the lemon, lime or orange tree is doing what Mother Nature intended—it is getting ready for a new year of growth and fruit production.

  • Outside citrus trees will be easy to produce flowering and fruit set as they work in conjunction with the weather and seasons. Appropriate fertilizing and micronutrients, along with water, are the most important things.
  • Indoor citrus trees may need a little help, and that is why container citrus should be kept in a bright sunny place. Many trees are keen on indicators such as day length and warmth to tell them what they should be doing (growing, flowering, growing fruit, etc.). Just like mentioned above, fertilizing, micronutrients, and water are of the utmost importance for your container lemon, lime or orange tree or bush.

NPK, Trace Elements for Citrus Flowering

Fertilizing a citrus tree on the first of Spring is recommended as the tree is coming out of rest per-see. It’s going into the growth and production stage. If a tree does not have the food needed, it will likely have a hard time producing. Adding nutritional elements is another thing to consider for increasing bloom. Nutritional treatments of Calcium and Boron right before bud set can help the lemon tree, lime tree, orange tree get what it needs at just the right time to aid in flowering and fruit set.

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