Watering a Citrus Tree

Generally, watering citrus trees should happen at the beginning of the week and once toward the end of the week. Then twice weekly for any tree being put or brought into a new location. Once your tree adjusts to its environment, water deeply every seven days or so. Watering deeply can be explained as watering until water seeps through the soil and out the pot’s bottom.

#1. Consistent watering is vital.

First, watering a citrus tree can sometimes be tricky. However, keeping a feel for the soil’s moisture level is one of the best ways to gauge whether or not to water. For example, scratch just under the surface (about a knuckle deep) of the soil. If it is moist, you should be good to go. In many cases, too much water surrounds the trees’ roots for an extended time, and the roots become weak. Know that water effects in either direction, too much or too little, are never seen right away. You will see an after effect that creates chlorotic (yellow) leaves and, many times, leaf drop. Therefore, keeping a consistent watering schedule is best if you can.

#2. Symptoms your tree needs attention.

Second, symptoms of water needs are curling leaves—muted color and leaf drop. Please think of the citrus tree sustaining itself through a drought by dropping its leaves. If the tree drops leaves, it is saying that there is nothing to care for, such as fruit, and it can put its hydration to where it is needed. Staying alive and holding out for the next watering.

#3. Don’t water citrus too much.

Third, too much water means muddy soil, and citrus trees hate wet feet. They desire the moist/damp setting but nothing like swamp feet. Use well-draining soil in recommended citrus tree containers that have holes in the bottom for easy draining.

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New citrus tree needs to be watered twice a week until it begins to show new growth. After that, citrus trees like to dry out between watering, so once your trees are established, deep-water once every 10 days to two…​

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