Unleash Your Plant Potential with GrowScents

Welcome to a greener, more fragrant world where your plants don’t just grow—they thrive with personality. GrowScents infuses your indoor oasis with a burst of nature’s best aromas, turning routine care into an extraordinary sensory delight. Discover the spritz that transforms spaces and moods alike. Join the plant care revolution and scent your world with every spray. #GrowScentsChallenge


Providing the appropriate amount of nutrition, that considers the overall plant, at the right time, offering DIY’ers a solution they’ve been seeking for decades… To correct sick/yellow plants and grow healthy in an environmentally friendly manner, that is cost effective, without all the guesswork.

Nutrient Starter

Just enough slow release fertilizer and foliar applied micronutrients to grow your small tree or plant proactively

It's All Inside...

One easy package of everything needed to care for fruit trees, vegetables and anything edible. GrowScripts plant food care kits offer all the products (NPK Fertilizer, Micronutrients and Calcium Booster) needed to care for fruiting plants for a growing season

inside growscripts

Fruit tree fertilizer, micronutrients and plant care products for fruiting plants (apple, blueberry, cherry, orange, lemon, peach, tomato, tropicals, etc.)

GrowScripts started with a simple idea: Just enough product for just the right time to helps everyone achieve a green thumb. We’ve cut down the size of product that would normally have to be purchased and deliver what’s proven by the professionals so that everyone can be successful at growing and harvesting what they’re most proud of.

As a result GrowScripts saves homeowners hundreds of dollars by delivering just the right amount of product for the individual time of application. Gone are the shelves in the barn scattered with two or more of the of the same product because they have been forgotten… Gone are the days that urban container gardeners have to worry about where they are going to put that 50-lb. bag of granular fertilizer in their studio apartment.


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Be The Green Thumb In Your Neighborhood

Safe, proven products that optimize plant health by considering the approach of feed the top and feed the bottom.

  • Container Citrus Care Kit
  • Large Fruit Tree Care Kit
  • 6-Cup NPK + Minors Fertilizer
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What Others Are Saying About GrowScripts

“Love the program. Takes all the guess work out of caring for my citrus tree.”

— Lionel M.

“I had just received my Meyer Lemon tree which had two flower buds on it. I put the fertilizer and soil additive packs on the soil and now a few weeks later the tree is full of buds, I just doused the soil with the next application and next week I will alternate with the two last sprays.  Very pleased with the product.”

— Mary

Superior Formulas for Feeding and Protecting

We’ve gone to the grower to deliver products proven in the field. The result is that you get superior products for achieving green thumb success.