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From a fertilizer that lasts for months, to an all-natural insecticide that is safe for us and the environment, our customers are showing that GrowScripts offers the right products for the right time.

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The GrowScripts Approach

Feed The Top™

Leaves at the tops of trees and plants are the solar panels for life; but did you know that these very leaves can absorb water, nutrients and other liquid products to help sustain its health and vigor. That's why we say "Feed The Top™" When it comes to the overall optimization of growing fruits and vegetables. From liquid fertilizer to minor elements and insecticides you can spray and walk away knowing that you are helping your little green friend.

Essential Elements

Micronutrient Nutrition

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Leaf Conditioner

Leaf and Soil Helper

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All-Natural Insecticide

Safe Essential

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Leaves at the tops plants are the solar panels for life; but did you know that leaves can absorb water and nutrients to help sustain its health and vigor.


Roots are the foundation and care for roots play a big part in health & production of your plant.

The GrowScripts Approach

Feed The Bottom™

Roots are the foundation of anything green that grows. What this means is that the environment plays a big part in the health of your plants roots which correlate to a healthy canopy, and ultimately a healthy fruit or vegetables plant. We've taken the optimized approach of 'Feed the Bottom™" in order to assure the foundation is built (or gets replenished) for everything soil related. By combining the bottom approach with the top approach you can see there is no better way to grow.


Control-Release / Granule / Organic / Liquid

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Active Soil Drench

Cold Water Extracted for soil enrichment & health

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Dry Soil Amendment

Retain water & nutrition for root health & feeding

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Happy Customers!

But don’t take it from us. Here’s what happy gardeners have to say:

  • Not being very successful with plants, I love having your products. There's no guesswork or searching for the right treatment at the store, and your calendar reminds me that it's time to feed my plant. My plant looks healthy and beautiful. — Ruth

  • Love the program. Takes all the guesswork out of caring for my citrus tree. — Lionel

  • It takes the guesswork out of caring for your tree. I purchased a cocktail tree in 2012 and cared for it with my kids. As the small tree slowly grew we noticed unusual things happening with the leaves and watched the fruit drop off the tree when the fruit was the size of a pea. I found GrowScripts and noticed the leaves stopped curling and there was plenty of new growth. The process is fool proof. They give you the product you need to apply. 5 stars for GrowScripts (*****) — Brandt

  • I use Growscripts products on my "grove" in Ponce Inlet. My house is some 700 feet from the Atlantic Ocean so my "grove" grows pretty much in sand. I've got lime, lemon, orange, cocktail, avocado, blueberry, mango, and this year, an almond and olive. I even foliar spray other yard plants. All plants and trees love your products. The avocado, in particular, clearly shows that it likes your products. Every time I spray the avocado, within 10 days there is clearly new leaf growth. Your products are clearly superior. Thanks for the great products. — Jeff

Safe for Kids, Pets & The Environment

Control-release fertilizer that lasts for 6-8 months

The right size for appartment & container gardening