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Boost the nutrient levels of your fruit trees - Introducing our unique and highly effective product designed specifically to promote healthy and robust growth in your fruit trees. Our formula contains complexed EDTA, a type of chelating agent that acts as a carrier for essential trace elements, allowing for optimal nutrient absorption.

  • Contain essential nutrients - Specially formulated to provide your fruit trees with the nutrition they need to thrive. Our product contains a variety of trace elements and minerals that are proven to help support and sustain healthy growth in plants, including manganese, iron, zinc, manganese and copper.
  • Quickly absorbed - The complexed EDTA in our formula quickly binds to the essential trace elements providing them with stability so they can be delivered directly into the roots of your plants for fast absorption. This ensures that your fruit trees get the nourishment they need quickly and efficiently!
  • Healthy growth & fruit set - Our carefully crafted blend is key for achieving healthy and robust growth in your plants. As these active ingredients get absorbed by the roots of your trees, you’ll begin to see improved vitality & increased yields from both foliage & flowers!

Fruit Tree Essential Trace Elements - 8oz

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  • This carefully crafted formula is packed with essential nutrients that are specifically designed to boost the nutrient levels of your fruit trees, and it is the ultimate key to achieving healthy and robust growth.


    But what sets our product apart from others on the market, you might ask? The answer lies in our special formulation that contains complexed EDTA, a type of chelating agent that acts as a carrier for the essential trace elements in the product. This allows for the nutrients to be delivered directly to the fruit trees, where they are quickly and effectively absorbed.


    But why is the use of complexed EDTA better than other methods? The answer lies in the way that this chelating agent binds to the nutrients in the formula. Because EDTA can form chemical bonds with positively charged ions, such as those found in minerals and trace elements, it can effectively deliver the nutrients to the plants in a stable and readily absorbable form. This means that your fruit trees will be able to take in the essential trace elements they need for healthy growth and fruit set in a timely and efficient manner, leading to stronger and more vibrant plants.


    But that’s not all – our Fruit Tree Essential Trace Elements contain a variety of other key nutrients that work together to support the overall health and vitality of your fruit trees. These include iron, manganese, zinc, and copper, which are all essential for proper plant development and function.


    So why wait? Invest in our GrowScripts Fruit Tree Essential Trace Elements today and watch your plants thrive! With our special formula utilizing complexed EDTA, you can rest assured that your fruit trees will be getting the very best in micronutrient supplementation. Experience the difference for yourself and take your gardening to the next level!

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