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Tailored Care Subscription for Container Citrus Trees

A meal prep kit throughout the year so your citrus tree gets personalized, season-specific care. Our subscription service is developed to deliver the right products at the right time for your container citrus trees, delivering a variety of care products precisely when they're needed, according to our expertly crafted, feeding schedule.

Citrus Tree Care Subscription for Container Lemon, Lime, Orange, Tangerine

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SM - Subscription
$7.99every month until canceled
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    Dynamic Monthly Deliveries:


    • Varied Product Selection: Each month brings a different set of products, meticulously chosen based on the current growth stage and seasonal needs of citrus trees. This ensures that your trees always receive the most appropriate care at the right time.
    • Premium Fertilizer: When its time for your tree(s) to get a nutrient boost, our premium fertilizer is sent to encourage robust growth and fruit production, tailored to the specific requirements of the season.
    • Customized Micronutrient Mix: This mix provides essential micronutrients like magnesium and iron, shipped when your trees need them the most, preventing deficiencies and promoting overall health.
    • Seasonal Calcium Supplement: Delivered, when necessary, this supplement ensures your trees get the right amount of calcium for strong development and fruitful harvests.
    • Soil Enhancers: Our soil helper and soil drench are sent to improve soil health and root vitality, ensuring your trees have the ideal growing conditions.
    • Eco-Friendly Pesticide: This product is included in shipments at peak times when pest are at their peak, providing effective, environmentally responsible protection for your trees.
    • Citrus Resilience Booster: Sent throughout the year to help with environmental stress, this booster helps your trees withstand adverse conditions and maintain vigorous growth.



    Subscription Benefits:


    • Expertly Timed Deliveries: Rely on our proprietary feeding schedule to automatically receive the right products at the right time, taking the guesswork out of citrus tree care.
    • Perfectly Measured Quantities: Products are provided in just the right amounts for single applications, ensuring effective care without waste.
    • Easy-to-Use with Clear Instructions: Each delivery comes with straightforward instructions, making the application process simple and efficient.
    • Commitment to Sustainability: Our approach is not only effective but also environmentally conscious, ensuring the well-being of your trees and the planet.
    • Convenient and Reliable: Enjoy the ease of having exactly what you need for your citrus trees delivered directly to your home, tailored to each stage of their growth.



    Subscribe to the GrowScripts Citrus Tree Subscription for a hands-off yet completely tailored approach to caring for your container citrus trees. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your trees are receiving expert care, month after month.

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