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Maximize the health and growth of your container plants - Use GrowScripts Essential Trace Elements to ensure optimal development of your fruits, vegetables, herbs, and houseplants. Our product contains a carefully blended mixture of essential micronutrients for enhanced plant performance.

  • Perfect balance of trace elements - Iron, copper, and zinc are just some of the elements found in our complexed formula. By providing an even distribution of key nutrients throughout your container garden and houseplants, you can rest assured that every plant is receiving the nourishment it needs.
  • Enhanced delivery system - Our performance-enhanced delivery system enables even distribution of nutrients throughout soil and hydroponics systems. No more yellow leaves or stunted growth; only healthy plants with vibrant leaves and sturdy stems!
  • Save time & money - Say goodbye to expensive treatments and wasted fertilizer! With GrowScripts Essential Trace Elements, you get all the micronutrients needed for robust growth at an unbeatable price.

Container Plant Essential Trace Elements - 8oz

$12.99 Regular Price
$11.70Sale Price

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  • Introducing the GrowScripts Essential Trace Elements, the perfect solution for container plant growers who want to maximize the health and growth of their plants. Our unique formula contains a carefully blended mixture of micronutrients that are essential for plant growth and development.


    Container gardening can be challenging due to the restricted amount of soil and nutrients available to plants. This is especially true for those who are growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs. But with our complexed elements, you no longer need to worry about your plants lacking the essential nutrients necessary for optimal growth.


    Our formula is designed to provide the perfect balance of trace elements, including magnesium, iron, and zinc, that plants need to thrive. By using our product, you ensure that your plants are receiving all of the necessary micronutrients, promoting healthy growth throughout the entire growing season.


    Our performance-enhanced delivery system allows for even distribution of the micronutrients, ensuring that every plant in your container garden receives the nutrients they need. The result is robust, healthy plants with vibrant leaves and sturdy stems, free from the stunted growth and yellowing often seen in malnourished plants.


    So don’t compromise on the health and growth of your container plants. Try GrowScripts Essential Trace Elements today and see the difference it makes in your garden. With higher semantic richness, our formula provides the perfect solution for container plant enthusiasts who want to see their plants thrive. #ped #containergardening #essentialmicronutrients #optimizinggrowth #healthycrops

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