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This Avocado Care Kit provides the appropriate amount of nutrition for your AVOCADO TREE. Now you have an option for healthy plant food care.



  • NPK Control-Release Fertilizer
  • Micronutrient Plant Vitamin Nutritional Concentrate
  • Calcium Nutritional Concentrate
  • *Extra: Calendar with directions on exactly how to apply the products and when

Container Avocado Tree Fertilizer Care Kit

$14.99 Regular Price
$13.50Sale Price

10% Memorial Weekend Sale

  • A fertilizer set that provide the appropriate amount of nutrition for your Avocado Tree. What this means is that you get top-grade products that are intended to be used in combination with one another throughout a season to optimize growing and fruiting success and overall plant health. Growing your food just got a whole lot easier!


    Our safe and proven products optimize plant health by considering the approach of feeding the top and the bottom of plants. This comprehensive avocado tree care kit comes with concentrate micronutrient nutrition, and bloom-time liquid vitamin nutrients. Our micro- nutrient nutrition plant food is essential for plant growth and plays a vital role in balanced crop nutrition for your avocado tree.

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